Natural disasters are low probability/high consequence calamities. Lightning losses to the USA economy approach $6-7 billion dollars/year (see Website Section 3.2). Thirty percent of USA businesses suffer lightning losses (see Website Section 3.9).

At NLSI we know about Risk Reduction. What lightning defenses should be applied-where, how, when and why? Which of the many LP Codes and Standards are applicable for aeropsace, for communications, for defense, for mining, for observatories, for power generation, for refineries? Can cross-pollination be relevant?


NLSI provides objective assistance. We apply engineering, industrial organization and science to address problems. We distance ourselves from merchants and products and vendors. Our scope is global. Our response time is typically 24 hours or less. See a listing of NLSI's past projects at Website Section 2.5.


Shows incredible accuracy and agility, follows each project through to completion, achieves solutions to difficult challenges, thrives in chaos, prioritizes time and schedules, organizes, prepares and executes client meetings, is persistent and creative, strong communications skills, laser focus, multi-tasker, high level of discretion and attention to detail, excels at project management, negotiates commercial terms, manages own pipeline. Will be mentored to assume control and ownership of business in 1-2-3 years.

Location: Denver. Earnings: $200,000 DOQ.

The NLSI website provides a wealth of materials, maps, photos and objective details about lightning issues. Here we post some of the latest Conference Proceedings research by international lightning experts. Here also are Technical Papers prepared by NLSI. Education is the key ingredient in lightning safety. May we assist you?

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