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Section 2.1.7

Certification and Inspection Services for Lightning Protection Systems

The US Department of Defense bulletin UFC 3-575-01 has included NLSI’s LPS Inspection & Certification Program for USAF projects where inspection and certification of Lightning Protection Systems is required. NLSI is the “commercial, third-party inspector whose sole work is lightning protection”.

We provide Certificates of Compliance, whereby NLSI conducts site inspections of existing lightning protection systems. We examine lightning protection systems to the code or standard for which they were designed. This could include the following: NFPA 780; UL 96a; API-2003; Air Force 32-1065 and 91-201; Army PAM 385-64; Navy NAV SEA Op5; DOE M4401.-1; DDESB 6055.9; NASA E-0012E; AS/NZS-1768; IEC-62305; Motorola R-56; FAA-STD-019e; SBC-TP-76416; SANS-10313; IEC-61400-24; NCHRP-317 and others as the client may designate.

NLSI's inspection process does not include and does not recognize alternate technology/nontraditional technology, such as dissipation arrays, charge transfer systems, early streamer emitter or corona emission designs ... all described as "unconventional lightning protection systems."

NLSI's Certificate of Compliance is valid for seven years after inspection. The Certificate of Compliance describes in detail the installation of air terminals, conductors, bonding, shielding, grounding/earthing and surge protection. In addition, an inspection and testing log is provided the client as well as a two-hour maintenance and testing tutorial. Clients are expected to provide such aerial devices, accompanying local engineering and/or maintenance personnel and security as may be appropriate.

NLSI provides Certificates of Compliance services worldwide. Contact us for more details at email NLSI or telephone 303-666-8817. Compare us to UL!

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