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Section 2.2.2

3 Day Lightning Protection Training Workshop Complient with AFI 32-1065 Section A.6 Page 9


This class provides certification for military personnel: To Provide Advanced Training for Military Personnel
Responsible for Inspection, Maintenance and Testing of Lightning Protection Systems


Day One.

1. Phenomenology of Lightning Behavior.
2. Lightning Safety for People.
3. Regulatory Information: USAF & NFPA Codes and Standards.
4. Examples of Lightning-Caused Damage to Facilities & Structures.
5. Seven Ingredients in the Lightning Protection Formulary: Overview.

Day Two.

6. Lightning Protection System (LPS) Requirements.
6.1 Air Termination Devices. Franklin Rods. Masts. Catenaries. Typical application for ordinary structures and for explosives storage facilities. Inspection, Maintenance & Testing. Examination.
6.2 Conductors. Types & Locations. Inspection, Maintenance & Testing. Examination.
6.3 Bonding. Purpose. Approved Alternatives. Isolation. Inspection, Maintenance and Testing. Examination.
6.4 Surge Protection. Operating Principles. Locations. Specifications. Examination.

Day Three.

6.5 Grounding. NEC 250. Principle Designs. Applications. Inspection, Maintenance & Testing. (Hands-On, In-Field Ground Resistance Testing Demonstrations with 3-Point Tester and Clamp-On Tester.) Examination.
7. Review of lightning protection systems requirements.
8. Critique.
9. Award of Certifications.

Materials Provided to Students:

1. Ammo 48 (NLSI) Lightning Protection Workbook
2. NLSI Book “Fundamentals of Lightning Protection; An Illustrated Guide”
3. AFI 32-1065, AFMAN 91-201
4. NEC 250
5. NFPA-780
6. “Understanding Ground Resistance Testing”
7. Writing Materials and Notebook.

Cost of “AMMO 48 (by NLSI)” is $795 per student. Pre-payment via credit card is required. Minimum class size is 20 attendees. Classes are conducted “On Demand” for USAF and other DoD agencies. Graduates receive Certification of Proficiency and 3.0 CEUs. Contact NLSI for hosting a class at your training facilities. More information:

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