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Section 2.1.6

Results of Typical Consulting Assignment

Lightning Safety Assessment Deliverables to
High-Altitude South American Gold Mining Operations
February 2005

Below are some typical deliverables for consulting work done by NLSI:

1. Productivity

    a. Changed lightning safety criteria at:

    • Drilling operations
    • Loading operations
    • Hauling operations
    • Refueling operations
    • Field maintenance operations

    b. Results: Increased productivity and reduced lightning suspension time for equipment

2. Worker Safety

    a. Re-defined SAFE/NOT SAFE working conditions at:

    • Main entry
    • All guard posts
    • Refueling stations
    • Dispatch centers
    • Administrative/executive offices
    • Ore processing facilities and laboratory
    • All other locations where lightning protection measures were employed

    b. Results: Clarified UNSAFE conditions and recommended detailed remediation/upgrade procedures

3. Evaluated existing three-tier lightning warning procedure

    a. Identified deficiencies

    b. Recommended corrections for more accurate lightning threat assessment

4. Trained loss control supervisors in lightning safety methods. Provided information resources for further study.

5. Submitted detailed Reports of Findings with Recommendations. Follow-up discussions to assure compliance, as requested.

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