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2-Day Graduate Study Program Workshop:

Course Outline -
Lightning Protection for Engineers

Course Objective: To understand how damage can occur and to learn what measures can be employed for maximum lightning protection.

Course Schedule:

Day One

  1. Introduction to NLSI and to the Workshop.
  2. Fundamental Concepts of Lightning Protection including: Lightning Physics 101;  Lightning Characteristics; Lightning Safety Overview.
  3. Risk Assessment: Probabilities and Realities.
  4. The Grounding & Bonding Imperative: Guidelines; Electro-Geological Model; Design Options; Solutions To Difficult Grounding Situations; Shielding & Bonding Examples; Case Studies.
  5. Exterior Lightning Protection for a Complex Facility: Air Terminals; Approved Designs – Franklin/Masts/Overhead/Faraday-Like Shield; Rolling Ball Theory per NFPA-780; Selection of Appropriate Air Terminal Alternatives; Down Conductors; ESE/DAS/CTS.
  6. Interior Lightning Protection for the Electrical System of a Complex Facility including Communications & Data Lines: Families of Surge Protection Devices - NFPA, NEC & IEEE Locations; Technologies; Performance; Specifications; Installation; Codes & Standards; Recommended Vendors.
  7. Lightning Protection For Communications Towers & Facilities: Exterior And Interior Considerations For Air Terminals, Grounding, Bonding and Shielding With Field Tour.

Day Two

  1. Lightning Protection for High-Risk Facilities including Chemical, Electronics, Explosives, Munitions & Nuclear Operations.
  2. Codes (as relevant – one of more will be studied): DOE M440.1-1; USAF 32-1065; Navy OP5; Army 385-64; DOD 4145.26M; NFPA-780; NEC 250; NASA E0012E; FAA-019d; IEEE 1100; IEEE 142. Junk Science ESE/DAS/CTS.
  3. Lightning Detection: Lightning Distribution in USA; Available Detector Technologies – Pros & Cons; Recommendations.
  4. Inspection, Maintenance and Testing: Checklists for Facilities; Review Failures; In-Field Measuring (where available) with Fall of Potential and Clamp-On Test Meters.
  5. Lightning Protection for Outdoor Workers including: Safe/Not Safe Zones; Statistics; Physical & Psychological Damage; Safety Measures for Work & Recreation; Ready-To-Go Worker Safety Documents.
  6. References & Resources. Glossary of Terms. URLs. Critique. Final Examination.

For reservations: Contact NLSI for class dates and locations and to make reservations. Send email, or use our registration form.

Note to DOE Employees: This is a CHRIS Workflow Course Code No. 001430.

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