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Section 2.1.1

Range of NLSI Consulting Services

Magnitude of Lightning Problem
Lightning-caused problems are one of the most common troubles faced by American business today. A recent Carnegie-Mellon study showed that 33% of U.S. businesses are affected by lightning — and that more businesses are affected by lightning storms than by floods, fires, explosions, hurricanes, earthquakes, and violence.

How We Can Help
The National Lightning Safety Institute conducts a broad range of consulting services that include the following:

  1. Inspection and evaluation of Lightning Protection Systems (LPS). NLSI will evaluate, inspect, and test the LPS to assure compliance and functionality. One-time or periodic examinations. Certification includes optional PE stamp.
    • Design of LPS for any type building or facility. We have verifiable experience with sensitive operations, communications buildings and towers, and hazardous materials storage areas (explosives and volatiles).
    • Preparation of LPS specifications for work by others, with or without bid & RFP documents or evaluation of proposals.
    • Experience with all U.S. codes and standards, including NFPA-780, UL 96, NASA E0012E, DOE M440.1-1, DDESB 6055.9, Army PAM 385-64, Navy NAVSEA OP5, Air Force SPC AFI 32-1065, FAA-019d, etc.
  2. Owner’s representative to inspect installation of NFPA 780, UL 96 or other LPS work performed by others. Objective appraisal of code conformity and workmanship.
  3. Evaluation and recommendation of lightning detection, notification, and alarm systems for early threat assessment.
  4. Investigation of past problems caused by lightning. Recommendations for future mitigation of lightning consequences. Studies may include some or all areas relating to air terminals, grounding, bonding, shielding and transient limiters.
  5. Forensic investigation of accidents with “lessons learned” analysis. Expert witness legal assistance, investigation, and trial testimony.
  6. Development of customized written lightning safety policies and employee safety information. Oral presentations to employees and for membership organizations.

A list of sample NLSI consulting projects and photos from NLSI consulting projects are available online. For more information on how our consulting services can be of value to you, send email for more information.


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National Lightning Safety Institute
Providing expert training and consulting for lightning problems