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Section 2.2.4

3-Day Workshop:

Combination Lightning Safety Class With On-Site Assessment


This three-day session includes NLSI's Lightning Protection for Engineers class together with a one-day onsite audit of each participant’s facilities.


Each successful graduate is accredited by NLSI as a "Certified Lightning Safety Professional" (CLSP). The class consists of 16 credit hours of continuing education.

Class Logistics

Attendees must all be based within a 100-mile radius of the central teaching location.

The program includes all textbooks, the most recent NFPA-780, and a DVD covering the subject of personal lightning safety. This intensive session is limited to 5-8 persons. It is conducted both in the U.S. and overseas on an on-demand basis. Contact NLSI for more information about the cost and schedule.

The Site Assessment

NLSI's instructor will accompany the graduating CLSP on a one-day tour of his/her premises. Subjects under investigation will include:

  • Earth resistivity and common earthing
  • Equi-potential bonding
  • Air terminal compliance
  • Surge protection issues
  • Code conformity

Included also are a digital photograph folder, discussions of lightning vulnerabilities, and recommendations for upgraded defenses for mitigation of the lightning hazard.  Follow-up via telephone and email for one year is included.

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