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Section 2.1.2

Quick Response Site Examination:

Facility Audit for Lightning Vulnerability


This 2-3 day walk-around examination by NLSI will disclose areas of lightning vulnerability at the facility. The Facility Audit for Lightning Vulnerability (FALV) is intended only for small to medium-size sites.

The cost is a flat-rate fee, including all expenses, anywhere in the continental USA. Client provides transportation from nearest airport to/from site. Client appoints liaison person who will accompany NLSI during inspection tour. Advance notice of 3-4 weeks is customary. NLSI's Final Report will be submitted within 10 days following the site visit.

To schedule a FALV examination or for more information, please send email to contact NLSI.

What NLSI Will Do

  1. Examination of Lightning Protection System (LPS) to latest NFPA 780. Recommendations for upgrade. Provide written Safety Inspection Checklist.
  2. Soils study to measure composition, moisture, pH, and impedance characteristics. Measure existing grounds resistance (ohms/cm). Recommendations for design augmentation, improvements and/or modifications.
  3. Random tests for exterior and interior ground loops. Report on same.
  4. Random tests for spurious current flow in existing grounds. Report on same.
  5. Examination of adequacy of existing Surge Protection Devices. Recommendations for upgrade.
  6. Bonding evaluation. Random measurement of LPs connectors to meet minimum requirements. Report on same.
  7. Examine personnel lightning safety issues at the facility. Provide customized warning information signage. Provide lightning safety video for education and training purposes.
  8. Other specialized investigations in place of some of the above.

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