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Section 2.2.3

Designed to Exceed Requirements for US Air Force ETL12-9, Personnel Certification

Lightning Protection for Critical Facilities

Course Objective

To provide an understanding of approved defenses for maximum lightning protection.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to NLSI and to the training expectations.
  2. Fundamental Concepts of Lightning Protection: Lightning Physics 101;  Lightning Characteristics; Lightning Behavior; Lightning Safety Overview with 14 Defenses.
  3. The Grounding and Bonding Imperative: Guidelines; Electro-Geological Model; Design Options; Realities from National Electrical Code Section 250; Solutions to Difficult Grounding Situations; Shielding & Bonding Examples/Calculations; Case Studies.
  4. Exterior Lightning Protection for a Complex Facility: Air Terminals; Approved Designs – Franklin/Masts/Overhead/Faraday-Like Shield; Geometric and Rolling Ball Theories per NFPA 780; Selection of Options; Down Conductors; Grounding and Ground Measurements. Includes field inspection, as available.
  5. Interior Lightning Protection for the AC Electrical System of a Complex Facility: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Locations; Families of Surge Protection Devices; NFPA, NEC, and IEEE Requirements; Technologies; Performance; Specifications; Installation; Codes and Standards; Recommended Resources.
  6. Lightning Protection for Communications Data, Security, and Signal Locations: Exterior and Interior Equipment Considerations. Includes field inspection, as available.
  7. Lightning Protection for Explosives Storage: Going Beyond the Codes; Case Studies. Field tour of explosives storage areas, as available.
  8. Codes: Detailed study of NFPA 780, NEC, AFI 32-1065, and UFCs. Other codes are discussed, as suitable.
  9. Lightning Detection: Lightning Distribution in USA and globally; Pros and Cons of Available Detector Technologies; Recommendations.
  10. Inspection, Maintenance, and Testing: In-Field Measuring with Ohm-Meter, Fall of Potential and Clamp-On Test Meters (weather permitting).
  11. Lightning Protection for Outdoor Workers: Safe/Not Safe Zones; Physical and Psychological Damage; Safety Measures for Work and Recreation.
  12. References & Resources: References Lists; Glossary of Terms; Critique. Four hours of graded examinations and awarding of certifications. Field tours, as available.


This course content exceeds information contained in NFPA 780, UL 96a, NASA E0012E, USAF AFI 32-1065,
Navy OP SEA 5, Army PAM 385-64, FAA-STD-019e, DDESB 6055.9, and DOE M 440.1-1.
Cost is $1495.



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