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Section 2.3.3

An NLSI Book on

Lightning Protection for Engineers

2016 Edition

LPE book coverThe new, 2016 edition of NLSI's book on Lightning Protection for Engineers, is an essential engineering reference. Written in accordance with recognized codes and standards and with over 200 illustrated pages, this book describes approved air terminals, downconductors, shielding, bonding, surge suppression, detectors, and personal safety. A special chapter on unconventional designs, such as ESE and CTS/DAS, is also included.

Lightning Protection for Engineers costs $79.95 plus $5 for shipping and handling, shipped anywhere in the USA. Quantity discounts are available, and international shipping is at cost.

To order a copy, download the order form (PDF file) and mail it to the address shown.

The book contains the following sections:

  1. Lightning Physics, Lightning Behavior, and Lightning Safety Overview (pp. 1-18)
  2. Risk Assessment (pp. 19-36)
  3. The Grounding and Bonding Imperative (pp. 37-68)
  4. Exterior Lightning Protection for Structures (pp. 69-84)
  5. Interior Lightning Protection for the Electrical System of a Complex Facility (pp. 85-103)
  6. Communications Facilities, Exterior Lightning Protection (pp. 104-122)
  7. Communications Facilities, Interior Lightning Protection (pp. 123-141)
  8. Lightning Protection for High-Risk Installations Containing Sensitive Electronics, Explosives, Munitions, or Volatile Fuels (pp. 142-154)
  9. International View of Unconventional Air Terminals, such as "ESE" and "DAS/CTS" (pp. 155-177)
  10. Lightning Safety for Outdoor Workers (pp. 178-195)
  11. References and Resources (pp. 196-229)

For ordering this book, please go to:

Lightning Protection for Engineers is copyrighted © 2004-2016 by NLSI.
All rights reserved. Reproduction by permission only.

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