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3-Day Class with Field Tour:

Course Outline -
Understanding the NFPA-780 Lightning Protection System

Course Objective: To provide engineers, electricians, designers, inspectors, managers, and technicians with an understanding of the details of lightning protection (LP) and the NFPA-780 lightning protection requirements. Graduates of this class will be able to design, evaluate, inspect and maintain a LP system for compliance with NFPA-780 and relevant military codes.

Course Outline:

1. Lightning overview

2. Lightning behavior, and its effects on buildings and people

3. The lightning protection system for facilities and structures

     A. Page-by-page review of NFPA-780-2008, Installation of Lightning Protection Systems. Emphasis is on:

    • Air terminal designs
    • Conductors/connectors/bonding
    • Grounding
    • Surge protection
    • Stand-off calculations
    • Testing
    • 780 appendices
    • Maintenance
    • Inspection

     B. Looking outside the NFPA-780 box

4. In-depth review of applicable military codes and standards, such as AFI 32-1065, PAM 385-64, NAVSEA OP5.

5. Review of National Electrical Code (NEC) sections 250/280/285

6. Hands-on grounding resistivity measuring

     A. 3-point fall of potential ground resistance tester

     B. Clamp-on ground resistance tester

7. Site assessment of existing LP systems

     A. Walk perimeters of structures that contain NFPA-780 LP systems

     B. Critique installations (students will evaluate for NFPA-780 compliance)

8. Final examination and exam analysis

For reservations: Contact NLSI for class dates and locations and to make reservations. Send email, or use our registration form.

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