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Section 2.2.3

2-Hour Seminar:

Lightning Safety Tutorial

NLSI can present a short lightning safety tutorial to your organization. This seminar typically lasts from 1 to 3 hours. To schedule a seminar or for more information, please send email to contact NLSI.

The outline of the tutorial follows:

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Purpose of Seminar. Video. Recent death & injury statistics. Historical information.

3. What is Lightning? How does it work? Kites & Keys. Atmospheric Physics 101. New developments in lightning protection. NASA rocket triggered lightning program video. Sprites & Jets video.

4. Lightning damage. Why does it strike where it strikes? How do lightning rods work?

5. Lightning is not a well understood or solved phenomenon. Statistics. Video.

6. Defensive measures for self protection. Seek & Avoid. "Count of Five." (Give each attendee a lightning detector.)

7. Importance of Education. It can reduce injuries 75%. Video on lightning injuries.

8. Two primary reasons for Lightning Safety Awareness:

A. Protect People. It's the responsible thing to do!

B. Comply with Duty To Warn. Avoid allegations of Negligence. Best Efforts defense. Act of God vs. concurrent negligence. Mitigate litigation. A Risk Management issue. Build a file folder of proactive activities.

9. Negligence and the Duty to Warn. What the Law says. Where to Look.

10. Lawsuits driving change, Examples. Cost of legal defense, Examples.

11. Introduce the Lightning Safety for Buildings and Structures Program. Basic elements of lightning safety: Detect, Alert, Protect, Shelter, Educate, and Test. (Detailed discussion of each component.)

12. What are the Safety Codes & Standards? Recommended design aspects for small buildings, picnic shelters, etc.

13. What types of equipment are available? Air terminals, bonding, grounding, TVSS. Costs? Cost/Benefit? Demonstrations with live lightning (Van de Graaf generator). Types of lightning detectors. Operation. Costs. Pros 'n Cons.

14. Integrating software education tools (posters, stickers, newsletter articles, signage) into the equipment mix.

15. Suggested protocol on Lightning Safety. A Risk Management Approach to the Lightning Hazard.

16. Summary and Questions.

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