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Section 2.2.2

2- to 3-Day Class:

Inspection, Maintenance and Testing
of the NFPA-780 Lightning Protection System


This intensive training provides the electrician-inspector-technician with an understanding of the details of NFPA-780 lightning protection system designs and inspection/maintenance/testing. Persons graduating from this 2- to 3-day class will be able to evaluate and inspect an existing lightning protection system for compliance with NFPA-780.


Successful graduates of the class receive a National Lightning Safety Institute CERTIFIED INSPECTOR OF NFPA-780 LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEMS diploma and wallet cards.

Class Logistics

This class is taught to groups and organizations at their locations, anywhere in the U.S. It usually can be scheduled with 3-4 weeks of notice to NLSI. Class size is 12-15 students. Class handouts include the most recent NFPA-780 and NEC sections. This training session lasts 2-3 days. (No outdoor activities will be conducted during thunderstorms.) The tuition is $895 per person. Please send email to contact NLSI for more information.

Course Outline

1. Lightning Overview: Lightning behavior; lightning’s effects on buildings and people; personal lightning safety. Copy of NLSI’s book on these topics.

2. The Lightning Protection System for Facilities & Structures

2.1 A page-by-page review of NFPA-780-2008, Installation of Lightning Protection Systems. Emphasis is on:
      2.1.1 Air terminal designs
      2.1.2 Conductors/connectors/bonding
      2.1.3 Grounding
      2.1.4 Surge protection
      2.1.5 Appendices
      2.1.6 Maintenance

2.2 Looking outside of the NFPA-780 box

3. Review of National Electrical Code (NEC), sections 250/280/285.

4. Hands-on grounding resistivity measuring with modern 3-point fall of potential and clamp-on instruments.

5. Walk roofs of buildings that contain NFPA-780 LPSs. Critique installations. Students will evaluate them for compliance.

6. Final examination and exam analysis.

Note: Specialized lightning protection codes and standards,  such as AFI 32-1065, FAA STD 019e, DOE M 440.1-1, and Navy OP SEA 5, can be integrated into the lesson plan upon request.

More Information about NFPA-780

NFPA-780 for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems is widely held to be the primary lightning protection document in the USA.

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