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Section 2.3.2

Codes and Standards on Lightning Safety

Updated November 2015

The following lightning protection codes and standards are available from NLSI. Cost includes shipment within USA. Shipment ex-stock. Email or fax (303-926-1227) credit card and shipping information.

For background information on codes, see also A Review of Dynamic Changes in USA Lightning Codes and Standards.

Source Title Description Cost
(US $)
US Air Force AFI 32-1065 Grounding Systems (2015)
US Air Force
US Air Force Explosives Safety (2013)
US Army 385-64, Chapter 12 Ammunition & Explosive Safety Standards - Lightning (2013)
US Navy NAVSEA OP5 Chapter 6, Lightning Warning and Protection (1999)
US Military MIL-STD188-124 Grounding, Bonding and Shielding for Common Long Haul/Tactical Communications Systems (1992)
US Military MIL-HDBK 419A
(Vol. I)
Grounding Bonding and Shielding for Electronic Equipment and Facilities (Volume I, Basic Theory, 1987)
US Military MIL-HDBK 419A
(Vol. II)
Grounding Bonding and Shielding for Electronic Equipment and Facilities (Volume II, Applications, 1987)
DOE M440.1-1 Department of Energy Electrical Storms and Lightning Protection
DOE DOE/EH-0530 Department of Energy Lightning Safety (1996)
DDESB DDESB 6055.9 Department of Defense Chapter 7, Lightning Protection (1997)
FAA FAA-STD-019e Lightning Protection, Grounding, Bonding and Shielding Requirements for Facilities (2005)
FAA FAA 6950.19A Practices & Procedures for Lightning Protection, Grounding, Bonding and Shielding Implementation (1996)
NASA E-0012F Standard for Facility Grounding and Lightning Protection (2015)
National Weather Service 30-4105 Lightning Protection, Grounding, Bonding, Shielding and Surge Protection Requirements (2004)
API API-2003 American Petroleum Institute Protection Against Ignitions Arising out of Static, Lightning, and Stray Currents (2008)
British Standard BS6651 Protection of Structures against Lightning (1992)
Indian Standard
(in English)
IS2309 Protection of Buildings and Allied Structures Against Lightning - Code of Practice (1989)
Polish Standard
(in Polish)
PN86 Lightning Protection of Structures
7th Army Code
DACA 90-88 Ammunition, Storage & Lightning Protection
(Europe, with comparison to DDE5B 6055.9 and three European codes)
Australian Code
Standard AS/1768
Australian Code, Lightning Protection (2007)
Chinese Code GB
(in English)
Design Code for Lightning Protection of Structures
Russian Code
(in English)
RD 34.21.122-87 Design Code for Buildings and Structures
Motorola R-56 Standards & Guidelines for communications sites $125.00

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