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 Providing expert training and consulting for lightning problems</td>
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1  About NLSI
2  NLSI Business Services
3  Lightning Incidents
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NLSI Business Services

2.1 Auditing, Compliance, Consulting, and Inspection Services
to benefit your productivity and safety
  2.1.1 NLSI conducts a broad Range of Consulting Services
  2.1.2 Need a Quick Site Evaluation?
  2.1.3 Want to establish a Lightning Safety Committee?
  2.1.4 NLSI Competencies
  2.1.5 Site Inspection for Lightning Hazard Mitigation
  2.1.6 Results of Typical Consulting Assignment
  2.1.7 Certification and Inspection Services for Lightning Protection Systems
2.2 Classes, Seminars, and Workshops
to create informed employees
  2.2.1 NLSI's Lightning Safety Courses
  2.2.2 AMMO 48/NFPA-780, Inspection, Maintenance, and Testing of the LPS. (3-day seminar)
  2.2.3 AMMO 50/NFPA-780, Senior LPS Inspector Qualifications (3-day course)
  2.2.4 Lightning Protection for Civilian Engineers (3-day seminar)
  2.2.5 NLSI Teaching Schedule
2.3 Videos, Standards, and Books
to increase your knowledge base
  2.3.1 NLSI Videos and DVDs on Lightning Issues
  2.3.2 International Codes and Standards on Lightning Safety
  2.3.3 NLSI book on Lightning Protection for Engineers
  2.3.4 NLSI book on Lightning Protection for Critical Facilities
2.4 Research Site
a facility for your lightning studies
NLSI has a High-Altitude Lightning Observation Site in Colorado available for independent research activities
2.5 Previous Activities for Clients
Examples of Previous Activities for NLSI Clients
Updated 1/22/2019

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National Lightning Safety Institute
Providing expert training and consulting for lightning problems