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Section 1.5

Biography of NLSI Founder:
Richard Kithil, Jr.

Richard Kithil (pronounced Kit-hill) is founder and CEO of the independent National Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI), located near Denver, Colorado. NLSI provides objective information about the mitigation of lightning hazards through consulting, education, and research. This NLSI website averages about 85,000 “reader hits” weekly.

Mr. Kithil has written more than 150 articles, papers, and reports on lightning safety issues. He has conducted lightning safety clinics, workshops, and seminars to groups in this country and overseas. He is frequently quoted in the national press. He has appeared on NBC Dateline, ABC 20-20, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic TV, The Weather Channel, the BBC, and other TV programs to discuss lightning safety.

He is an appointed member to three US federal government agencies:

  • the Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board Lightning Policy Review Committee Standard 6055.9
  • the Department of Energy (DOE) Lightning Protection Standard Review Council Standard M-440.1-1
  • the Air Force Safety Center

Kithil is a named “Nationally Recognized Subject Matter Expert” with the DOE.

His consulting projects have included eleven assignments for NASA; nuclear facility safety studies for the DOE; airport projects in Dallas, Denver, and Miami; and assisting the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Weather Service, and Underwriters Laboratories to develop internal lightning protection codes. He is also a consultant to the US Golf Association.

Recently he was commissioned to perform lightning hazard analyses studies for world-class open pit mining operations in Peru (3), Chile, Ghana, Tanzania (4), Indonesia, USA (3), and the Dominican Republic.

He has mentored organizations wishing to start their own lightning safety organizations in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kenya, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

He is the author of several books available at:

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