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Section 1.6

Positions Available at NLSI

NLSI announces one VP-level position now available:

  1. NLSI Director/Vice President, North America Operations

The position is described below:

Job Description

  • You will identify new business opportunities using NLSI resources and your own resourcefulness.
  • You will conduct NLSI technical seminars and workshops.
  • You will execute site assessments at client locations.
  • You will provide pro bono services where practical.


  • Maximum initiative is expected. Operational controls are minimal.
  • The NLSI philosophy is to exceed client expectations at all times.
  • Travel expectations are about 30%. A stable personal (family) life is essential.

Other Considerations

  • NLSI will provide full technical training.
  • An equity position in NLSI is probable after 2-3 years.
  • Relocation to NLSI offices is not a consideration.
  • NLSI objective is to identify persons capable of providing full mission continuity into future years.
  • Interested parties should reply by postal letter (no email applications).

Write NLSI at:
National Lightning Safety Institute
891 N. Hoover Ave.
Louisville, CO 80027

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