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Of More General Interest:
1. Fun With Lightning - For students of all ages
2. Vehicles and Lightning - Safety recommendations for vehicles and photos of a Jeep struck by lightning
3. When Lightning Strikes People - A NASA report on what happens when people and lightning interact
4. Colorado Lightning Resource Center - Resources from the National Weather Service
5. Lightning Protection: New Myths & Old Realities - Submit this letter to the editor of your local newspaper
6. Make Very Tiny Lightning - An Exploratorium experiment
7. Lightning Strike Probabilities
8. Cone of Protection Myth
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Personal Lightning Safety

4.1 Decision Tree for Personal Lightning Safety
4.2 Multi-Agency Recommendations for Lightning Safety - Consensus of the Lightning Safety Group American Meteorological Society Conference Phoenix, Arizona, 1998 
4.3 Information for Lightning Strike Victims 
4.4 Lightning Safety Tips
4.5 Lightning Safety in NLSI's Home Town (Louisville, CO)
Louisville Ballfields
Louisville Parks
Louisville Pools
4.6 Lightning Safety for Organized Outdoor Athletic Events
4.7 Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pool Safety
4.7.1 Lightning and Aquatics Safety: A Cautionary Perspective for Indoor Pools
4.7.2 YMCA Guidelines for Indoor Pools Closing Due to Lightning (40-KB PDF file)
4.7.3 More Thoughts on Lightning Safety and Pools
4.7.4 Lightning and Indoor Pools: A Reply to Aquatics Resources eSplash Newsletter
4.7.5 Lightning Safety for People at Swimming Pools
4.8 Lightning Safety for Campers and Hikers
4.9 Boating Lightning Safety
4.9.1 Boating Lightning Protection - Information from the University of Florida
4.10 Lightning Safety for Outdoor Workers
4.11 Good Lightning Shelters For Outdoor Workers
4.12 Lightning: The Underated Weather Hazard - By William P. Roeder
4.13 NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook Lightning Safety Guideline - This document is mandatory for all colleges and universities in the USA. Shouldn't your recreation and sports organization be in compliance? (52-KB PDF file)
4.14 A Lightning Safety Mandate For The Game Of Golf
4.15 US Golf Association Lightning Warning Information
4.16 National Athletic Trainers' Association Position Statement: Lightning Safety for Athletics and Recreation - By Katie Walsh et al. (350-KB PDF file)
4.17 Backcountry Safety Reminders (PDF file)
4.18 Lightning Safety Recommendations from American Meteorological Society (136-KB PDF file)
4.19 ¿Está preparado para una tormenta eléctrica? - Information from the American Red Cross (en Espanol)
4.20 Lightning Protection Hazard Alert - Information from the Center to Protect Workers' Rights (PDF file)
Also available en Espanol: Protección contra los rayos
4.21 Developing a Lightning Awareness Program Model for the Third World Based on American-South Asian Experience (60-KB PDF file)
4.22 Many medical abstracts about lightning deaths and injuries (from
4.23 Lightning Safety in Remote Areas (1.3-MB PDF file)
4.24 Lightning Caused Deaths and Injuries in the Vicinity of Vehicles (116-KB PDF file)
4.25 Technical Basis for NLSI Lightning Shelters
(32-KB PDF file)
4.26 US Army Lightning Protection Safety Guide
(359-KB PDF file)
4.27 Victims of lightning statistics - countries compared by NLSI
4.28 Overview of Lightning Detection Equipment

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