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Section 4.9

Boating Lightning Safety

Lightning safety means recognizing a high-risk situation and evacuating in time to a low-risk situation. On the water, this can be difficult and may result in a "choice of evils" decision.

An excellent website on the subject that we recommend is:

See also:

  1. Standards and Recommended Practices for Small Craft, Standard E-4, Lightning Protection, American Boat and Yacht Council,3069 Solomon's Island Road, Edgewater, MO 21037-1050, Tel. 410-956-1050, Fax 410-956-2737.

  2. Chapter 7 - Protection for Watercraft, NFPA 780, Installation Recommendation for Lightning Protection, National Fire Protection Association, P O Box 9101, Quincy MA 02269-9101.

  3. Video "Lightning and Sailboats" - This 23 minute video from the NLSI Lightning Video Library describes lightning on the water and provides "how to" methods to install lightning protection systems for sailboats. Information also applies to powerboats. Comes with 24 page descriptive booklet. Cost $79.00, incl. shipping in USA. To order, please send email to NLSI.

Teach this safety slogan:
"If you can see it, flee it; if you can hear it, clear it."

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